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by Lary Turner

When you mention the term “butcher shop”, older Hespeler residents will automatically think of the Krueger family. The family’s involvement in the meat business began in 1905 when A.J. Krueger opened a shop on Queen St. East, between Tannery and Cooper. He operated until 1922 before closing to concentrate on his farming operation and stock trucking business. His brother, Orlando A. Krueger, opened his butcher shop in 1928 and successfully operated until selling the business in 1947.

Ophelia side-saddle

J. Krueger Butcher Shop – 1906

A. J.’s sons, Jack and Jim, purchased a shop next to the old T-D Bank, corner of Queen and Tannery and operated “Krueger Brother’s Quality Meats” for over a decade

Krueger Signage
Kreuger Delivery

Krueger’s Meat Delivery – 1920s

The following story was relayed to me by Jack, the older Krueger brother, and known as a lifelong prankster around Hespeler and area.

Jack Kreuger

Jack Krueger 2007

Operating a successful retail business required long hours, quality products and a faithful customer base. Late one Saturday evening their store was visited by a well-respected lady and a steady customer. As was her habit, she requested a chicken for her family’s Sunday dinner. Happy to oblige, Jack reached into the shop freezer and pulled out the last bird they had in stock after a busy weekend. Placing the chicken on the shop scales, he announced “three pounds, seven ounces”. To which she replied, “I’ll require a larger one, Mr. Krueger”. Thinking fast, he took the bird off the scale, put it back in the freezer, rolled it around a couple of times, put it back on the scale, and announced “four pounds, nine ounces!” There was a short pause, during which time it was obvious she suspected something was amiss, and finally she said, “On second thought, Mr. Krueger, I’ll take them both”!

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    What an awesome story. Ever wonder what his response was!! 🤔 Great story! 😂🤣😭


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