The Timbretones Now & Then

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The original Timbretones quartet was formed by four young guys, Sam Inglis, tenor, who is old enough to have a driver’s license, his two cousins, Hugh Alexander, lead, and younger brother Roddie, baritone. The base, Jack Kohli Live just down the street and was not related. This was 1951 and they wanted to compete in the upcoming quartet competition. They placed third on their first attempt.

Always more in demand by the public then at competitions, they performed a variety of musical genres, across Ontario and Manitoba as well as the neighbouring states augmenting they’re entertaining style with a string bass and ukulele or guitar.

The first change in personnel occurred in 1954 when Wayne Brubacher replace Jack Kohli as bass. Over the years, Roddie and Wayne switched parts but for forty-six years, Wayne was “the new kid on the block.”

Sadly, in 2000, lead Hugh Alexander passed away, an event that was expected to end a half-century quartet career. But that was not to be!

Chris Scappatura, lead from the Ontario Championship Quartet, “Contagious Enthusiasm” thought “What the hell, why not try the pure entertainment side of Quartet in?” And so it came to pass that new life and energy renewed and Ontario tradition that is here to stay even if the older guys have to use walkers!

Privately, the members had very dissimilar vocations. Sam was in the electronic servicing and retail business. Roddie retired from being a Postie for 22 years. Wayne is a surveyor and Chris well what day is it? Motivational speaker, realtor, blah blah. The musicians are Roddie, bass and guitar and Sam, guitar and clarinet, and Chris, trombone. All contribute to the quartet’s arrangements.

Briefly while Hugh, the original lead was studying to be an accountant, Roddie and Wayne sang in the Squires quartet and the Ontario Champion “Thompson Brothers Quartet”. Roddie also sang with “General Delivery” while he was a postman.

This CD is dedicated to the memory of hue. By using some tapes by the original quartet, we hope to transfer the original, the THEN Timbretones, to the Courier, the NOW Timbretones. Few leads for the first 5 and a half songs. If you listen closely to the 6th track “Anytime” at about the middle of the song you will hear through the magic of the New Plastik Studios, our recording studio, the crossover from the THEN to the NOW. Hence the name of the album “Now and Then”.

We know you will enjoy the easy style and close blend of The Timbretones Quartet.


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